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We can lower your costs implementing, upgrading, and supporting Oracle Order Management and its associated applications.

Order Management with Discrete Manufacturing Inventory

When selecting an implementation partner for OM with Discrete Manufacturing, it's important that your candidate knows Oracle Discrete Manufacturing implicitly. Important decisions made up front can affect your costs over the life of the project. Inexperience with the structure and definition of Inventory and ATO/PTO Models/Items can impact costs across all of your modules.

Order Management with Process Manufacturing Inventory (OPM)

OPM is it's on animal entirely. You need carefully structure how Order Management and Shipping affect your OPM Inventory, OPM Costing, and the myriad accounting entries that get generated.

Order Management with Oracle Project Manufacturing

One of the hardest decisions to make for any large scale project company: "what is a project and what is an order?" It is difficult and rare for an Order Management resource to implement OM without significant Oracle Projects experience.

Implement Order Management

Without question, one of the most costly phases in the ERP lifecycle is implementation. Engaging HSYS INC early in this process can save your company valuable time and money.

Upgrade Order Management

Lots of considerations here, HSYS can provide a speedy evaluation of your current OM configuration and identify gaps or built-in functionality that can leverage your investment in OM and the Oracle E-Business Suite.

Support Order Management

You company may not need full time staff to support OM. HSYS can provide you with primary and backup industry experts in Order Management on a fractional basis for less than the cost of a single, junior-level resource.

Knowledge Transfer

HSYS lowers your costs by working carefully and closely with each of your staff members. The long term relationship is more important to us than any short term work. We make sure each of your staff are experts in the following.

  • The key areas in the Order to Cash Lifecycle
  • The integration between Order Management and other applications
  • How items integrate within the Order to Cash Lifecycle
  • How to create and maintain party and customer account information
  • How to create and process different types of orders
  • How to Manage orders - updating, canceling, purging, closing
  • Pricing concepts and the usage of Pricing Engine in Order Management
  • Shipping concepts and the role of Shipping in Order Management

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