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At HSYS, we were an early adopter of Oracle Real Application Cluster technology and our staff members have been beta testers for each release of Oracle since RAC's introduction. The high availability, scalability, and performance are well worth the effort for many clients.

HSYS consultants work with your team, share information, and foster ownership that reduces your log term IT costs. We can help you sith the following:

  • RAC Server Selection
  • RAC Architecture
  • Configuring the Distributed Lock Manager (DLM)
  • Setting up Transparant Application Failover (TAF)
  • Implementing the Maximum Availablity Architecture
  • Configuring RAC on your SAN LUN

Be sure to review our Oracle RAC Proposal Template which will help you build a case for management and disseminate information among your team.

Also, check out Oracle's whitepaper on the Maximum Available Architecture written by our very own Charles Kim.

We're ready to assist you and have local consultants in the following locations:

  • TOLA: Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana
  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • San Antonio
  • Austin
  • St. Louis
  • New Orleans

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