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This article discusses, from a management perspective, the interfacing possibilities between OpenText Livelink and the Oracle Applications E-Business Suite.

For customers who use both OpenText Livelink and Oracle E-business Suite HSYS helps customers leverage their investments by connecting the two applications.

Storing Oracle Attachments in Livelink

Many things are possible when you can connect your E-Business Suite records with the source documents that produced them.

Connecting Oracle Workflow to Livelink Workflow

You can attach Livelink documents to your Oracle workflow and allow workflow to transition between Livelink and Oracle.

Using Livelink to Capture Receipts for Oracle Internet Expenses

By sllowing receipt capture and markup within Livelink, your organization can save the time and expense of handling paper receipts during the expense reimbersement process.

Using Livelink for Paperless Invoice Processing in Oracle Payables

Using the document management and markup features in Livelink, your organization can effectively eliminate paper invoice approval and coding associated with Oracle Payables.

About OpenText Livelink

Open Text Corporation is a Canadian high-tech company that produces and distributes computer software applications for document and content management. Its main product Livelink ECM is a combination of Enterpise Server and Archive Server.


Livelink started life as a pure document managment system, but has been repositioned as a business solution for "collaborative knowledge management". Livelink has grown by acquiring new technologies and integrating them with it's core services.

What does Livelink do? In short, it captures all the documentation and communication between team members during the lifecycle of any project. It facilitates knowledge management by allowing this collaboration to be securely shared and searched across the customers' company.

About Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle Corporation's E-Business Suite is a collection of over 170 specific business applications across enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply-chain management (SCM), and customer relationahip management (CRM). Each of these business applications are build using Oracle's products or "technology stack" and utilize the Oracle's database. The current version, known as "release 12" .


HSYS staffers are Livelink and Oracle certified and have an average of 10 years experience. We can help your organization lower costs and leverage your investment in both applications. Please contact us to find out how.


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