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Oracle iReceivables helps you reduce the cost of billing and collections while improving overall customer service. It provides your customers with the self-service ability to manage their own accounts and pay, print, and dispute invoices online.

Self Service Functionality for Customers

  • Customers view their own account balance and aging
  • View and dispute invoices
  • View and request credits
  • Match credits to specific invoices
  • Reprint their own copies of invoices, credits, and statements

Oracle iRecievables Functional

Configure iReceivables for View-only Customer Access

By for the most requested functionality from our clients is to install iReceivables for view only access by their customers. This allows clients to test the water with their iRecievables implementation. Hsys has packaged the most common setups into easy-to-install confurations scripts that allow rapid deployment of iReceivables in this view-only mode.

Oracle iReceivables Technical

Out of the box, Oracle iReceivables tends to overwhelm both your customers and your Receivables users with too many fields. We recommend staffing a good amount of technical resources to deal with the "personalization" of these many forms. HSYS has developed several packaged applications that incorporate the most requested personalization functional for our customers. This allows our clients to reduce technical resource costs during their implementation of iReceivables.

Bolt on Products

Streamline Customer Pages in iReceivables

HSYS has packaged the most requested personalizations into easy-to=install products for iReceivables. Contact us now to find out how these product applications can lower your costs implementing and supporting Oracle iReceivables.

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