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With our remote support services offering, HSYS can provide you with primary and backup support experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own junior level DBA. Since our team has experience across Oracle Technology and the Oracle E-Business Suite, we can extend this support to encompass your entire application installation.

What happens when your DBA gets sick, goes on vacation, or requires training?

Without additional DBAs, your business could face extended outages, or worse, lost information. DBA resources are expensive and specialized, meaning, that your IT workload may not require two full time resources.

Cost-cutting is now the mission priority of Information Systems in the United States. Companies are going to radical lenghts to fulfill this mission including offshore vendors and locations. More often than not, this cost-cutting means reduced quality.

With HSYS Remote Support Services, your small- to medium-sized enterprise can utilize our team of industry experts to support your Oracle database and application systems. For less than the cost of a single junior-level staffer, you have access to a primary and secondary expert


There are a lot of companies providing these services. What makes us different?

Personal Relationship

You are assigned a primary and secondary consultant who you will develop a relationship with and will comprehensively understand your systems. HSYS is small enough that you won't get lost in the crowd or be forwarded to India for support.

Local Touch

Our consultants regularly visit your site, attend meetings, and develop the personal relationship that is so important to provide good customer service both to your IT staff and the clients you service.

No Offshoring

How many times have you called a company for customer service only to be routed offshore? Were you satisfied with the service you received? At HSYS, we do not offshore work nor do we employ any H1B visa holders.

Knowledge Sharing

We work with your IT staff to collaborate on problem resolution. Our monitoring toolkit includes alerts to your own staff and they participate in the escalation process.

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