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the concepts and methods to improve business decision making by using fact-based support systems -- Howard Dresner

A simple goal, business intelligence is usually the last thing an organization tries to tackle. Often, overruns during ERP installation have exhausted all budgets and BI efforts are dropped, having made the enormous investment in ERP but realizing few of its benefits. Usually, a poor approach to the BI effort is to blame along with the wrong set of tools and lackluster IT support.

Successful BI requires an iterative approach and continuous commitment of IT to share in the responsibilities of understanding its functional usage. In the end, any successful BI solution must be based on a relatively few use cases.

If your IT staff does not get the technology and the usage cases correct the first time, your users will quickly loose faith. We've heard many statements like, "Oracle doesn't fit our needs so we're going with Business Objects." These companies, after investing hundreds of thousands of dollars, discover that SAP's BI solution is actually less usable.

HSYS specializes in providing usable business intelligence solutions that leverage Oracle Technology and the Oracle E-Business Suite.

HSYS provides the following BI solutions:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Report catalogs & gap analysis
  • Data warehouse architecting
  • Data staging
  • Full lifecycle project management
  • Integration of reporting content with 3rd party portals
  • Migration to Hyperion System 9 BI+
  • Migration to Oracle OBIEE
  • Report & Dashboard development
  • Management and statutory reporting
  • Operational reporting

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