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HSYS INC provides consulting services to Forbes Global 2000 companies and small businesses alike who use Oracle technologies, databases, and the E-Business Suite. HSYS is proud of our exceptional team who are experienced, knowledgable experts who enjoy providing world class Oracle support and consulting services to our clients.

If you are looking for an Oracle consultant, database consultant, or E-business suite consultant, consider HSYS on your next project. For less than the cost of a junior level resource we can provide you with a team of experts. If you are considering an Oracle solution and need help with the selection process, do not hesitate to contact us for free consultation.

Please read more about each of our service offerings as follows:

Oracle Remote | Oracle Remote Support

With our remote support services offering, HSYS can provide you with primary and backup support experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own junior level DBA. Since our team has experience across Oracle Technology and the Oracle E-Business Suite, we can extend this support to encompass your entire application installation.

Oracle Database Administration

The database administrators at HSYS are seasoned, well-rounded individuals with hardware and operating system expertise. In fact, our team have written the book on Oracle database administration.

When you engage HSYS for the support of your mission critical databases, we are committed to developing a relationship with your team. Rest assured, you won't be shuffled off into a pool of resources,

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

the concepts and methods to improve business decision making by using fact-based support systems -- Howard Dresner

Oracle ERP Development
Everyone but Oracle Sales will tell you that using the E-Business Suite out-of-the-box is simply not possible. There are ways, however, to minimize the number of technical changes required.

We've found that many Oracle customers utilize Oracle E-biz as a back office application...

Many customizations are not needed...

There is a difference between application develelopment and software engineering and, at HSYS, all of our Software Engineers have significant commercial software experience. They take a quantified approach to making sure each component you require fits carefully fits into a larger enterprise architecture.

Oracle ERP Implementations and Upgrades
Whether your company is implementing Oracle E-Business Suite for the first time or you have been using Oracle's ERP solution for years, HSYS can help you reduce risks and ensure success on your next project.

Our consultants, all of whom have either worked directly for Oracle Corporation or are Oracle Certified Professionals, are folks you can trust to give a straight and complete answer. HSYS can chart the best course of action for you, one that minimizes costs and maximizes success.

Oracle E-Business Suite Support, Lower Your Costs

Let's face it, the total cost of ownership for Oracle's E-Business Suite is enormous. The software, the tools, employees, and the maintenance are all costly.

If your organization has recently implemented Oracle E-Business Suite, or if you are dealing with a previous version of Oracle and facing end-of-life issues, we can help you dramatically lower your cost supporting the software.


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