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Process Manufacturing

With the recent fluctuations in commodity pricing most process manufacturing companies today are focused on the bottom line. Every opportunity to tweak formulation and packaging should be exploited for savings. Oracle's ERP can help you find these savings, however, it can be complicated and expensive to get to that point.

Global Financial Services

Financial service leaders know that strategic use of information systems can position them ahead of their competitors. So much so, that many financial services companies face the challenge of managing multiple best-of-breed systems that often have overlapping functionality.

Oil and Gas - Energy

We've been privileged to work with leaders in the Energy, Oil and Gas Industries. We are thoroughly familiar with the products, services, and integrations needed to support the diverse companies that comprise this industry.

Order Management and Discrete Manufacturing

With globalization and fluctuating commodity costs, Manufacturers and Distributors must think harder than ever before to compete in their markets. Cost control drives many of the decisions in this uneven global marketplace. At HSYS we work with our clients needs to control these costs without sacrificing quality.

HSYS addresses mission critical areas for the Hospitality industry including the following:
  • Customer Relationship Managment
  • Yield Managament
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Content Management
  • eCommerce
Food and Beverage

Leveraging Oracle technologies, HSYS architects systems for the wine production and beverage distribution industries.

HSYS got involved in the wine industry with Argentine winery Bodega Ikal. Bodega Ikal utilizes Oracle software in to manage their supply chain, inventory, warehousing, and sales orders.


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