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At HSYS, above all else, we focus our attention on our clients success. We have the know how, but our primary goal is for your team to bring in the big win while we quietly, in the background, assemble the necessary pieces that enable them to do so. Every engage is about building a team, assembling talent from both ours and yours. Another goal is for us to build a long term relationship with your team. After all, we are neighbors.

Product Focused

We've found that, almost every where we go, clients find the same gaps in Oracle functionality and want similar solutions to those gaps. Over time, we've amassed a large repository of knowledge, assets, and products to fill these gaps. When you engage HSYS on a project, we leverage this wealth to minimize our time on site and to maximize your success.

Value Oriented

We're interested in building long term relationships with local companies using Oracle. We'll be here when you need us, and when you do, we'll do our best to provide you expert resources at lower rates than our competitors.


Our team is comprised of capable individuals who've managed business and employees throughout their careers. They understand the challenges that you're facing because they have been there too, in one capacity or another. We carry ourselves in a responsible and professional manner and take ownership of the issues as they arise.


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